A Telegram bot supplying you with aviation weather updates and weather based calculations.

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Stay Ahead of the Weather

by receiving updates to METARs and TAFs and calculating density altitude, crosswind and more


Get a message whenever a new METAR or TAF is published!


Calculates density altitude and crosswind from the METAR!

Full History

Track weather changes and always have the weather you looked at handy!

Free & Open Source

A free service with the complete source code available on GitHub!

Get Started!

Connect to AviatorsBot on Telegram by using the button below or by searching for the user AviatorsBot.

Open Bot on Telegram

Then send /start to begin using the bot. Sending /help will list all available commands.

Free and Open Source

means you can get a complete copy of the bots source code and help with improving it!

Source Code

This bot is written in Scala. A programing language for the Java Virtual Machine.

The complete source code is available on GitHub.

Source on GitHub
Code Quality

The bot has a high automated test coverage of over 90%. And the most critical parts have a 100% coverage.

Deployment of the bot is completely automated and continuous.

Code coverage

Logging and metrics are used extensively throughout the source code.

The health of the bot is continuously monitored using the metrics (statistics) obtained from the bot.

We making new friends!